What is the cast list of Big Maid (TV series Big Maid Cast)

2023-10-10 09:05


《大丫鬟》Cast list: Ma Yashu as Sang Caiqing, Chen Sicheng as Xiao Qingyu, Li Caihua as Shen Liuyun, Wu Zhuoxi as Fang Shaoling, He Shengming as Shen Liunian, Mi Xue as Yuru Baishan as Yuexiang Tang Zhenye as Shen Yuan, Zhang Tong as Gu Runxue, Deng Sha as Xie Wanqing Zhang Meng plays Fang Xinyi and Wu Qianqian plays Mrs. Fang

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Who plays Cai Qing in the TV series

《大丫鬟》, and what other roles has he played?

Ma Yashu


Yaya, Xiaoya (family name)


Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Date of birth

March 24, 1977

Graduation School

Chinese Opera Academy



Body weight



The brain is big

Love good

Music, guzheng, horse riding, swimming

Star Constellation


Marital status



James Robert Hayes (American)

original name

Maya Shu

Who played Qingyu in The Big Maid?

Xiao Qingyu, the male protagonist of the TV series 《大丫鬟》, played by Chen Sicheng.

Xiao Qingyu, elegant, smart and sentimental, like a breeze, he only knows music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and is not stained by the worldly world. However, Sang Caiqing's arrival disturbed his tranquility. From the initial misunderstanding, I felt disgusted with her. Later, I was deeply attracted by her talent, nobility, and elegance. I was trapped by love and knew my joys and sorrows. Involuntarily involved in the feud between the Xiao and Shen families, he fell into Fang Shaoling's trap, betrayed Fang Xinyi's love, and took the lives of his parents. The extraordinary talent fell into the dust, was misunderstood, imprisoned, beaten, and intimidated. But he never left the girl he loved deeply.

Liu Fang and Michelle have acted in TV series of the Republic of China together. Michelle played the rich lady and Liu Fang played the old lady, that is, the maid. Which TV series is called?

TV Series《大丫鬟》 is a Republic of China romance film directed by He Pengpei, starring Ma Yashu, Chen Sicheng, Wu Zhuoxi, Mi Xue, etc. It tells an inspirational legendary story with a modern flavor, and is the continuation of the "Legend of the Maid". A brand new "Cinderella" story for the era, the growth and struggle history of a little maid.

Who plays the maid Zhang Xinyu?


Ma Yashu
Played by Sang Caiqing

Chen Sicheng
Played by Xiao Qingyu

Li Caihua
Decorated as Shen Liuyun

Wu Zhuoxi
Played by Fang Shaoling

He Shengming
Decorated as Shen Liunian

Decorated as Yuru

Bai Shan
Decorated as Yuexiang

Tang Zhenye
Played by Shen Yuan

Zhang Tong
Played by Gu Runxue

Deng Sha
Played by Xie Wanqing

Zhang Meng
Played by Fang Xinyi

Wu Qianqian
as Mrs. Fang

Big maid, introduction to the TV series actor?

TV Series《大丫鬟》 is a Republic of China romance film directed by He Pengpei and starring Ma Yashu, Chen Sicheng, Wu Zhuoxi, Michelle, etc.

Who are the actors in Big Maid?

Ma Yashu, Chen Sicheng, Wu Zhuoxi, He Shengming, Li Caihua, Mi Xue, Tang Zhenye, Zhang Tong, Bai Shan, Deng Sha.